wood palette

wood palette

it’s quite amazing what one can make of a wooden palette given enough creativity. Seen in Milford, MA.

m m

m m

bicycle holders are a rare sight at the east coast of the US – one can find them however more often at …

a sea of american flags as 9/11 memorial in Marlborough, MA

9/11 memorial

coming home from a day trip I saw an ocean of purple flags in front of the city hall of Marlboro. I …

the lamp post

the lamp post

   Strolling along the river walk in Spokane, WA on this gorgeous sunny September day, I found quite a few gems like …



   This photograph of four trees in a row was taken during a quick break from one of those corporate business dinners. …


houses of parliament

   having a fantastic afternoon in London with my wife, we where walking along southbank, when the darkening evening sky opened up …


fast paced photographic stab at europe



mystic forest

It was one of those picture perfect summer Sundays in New England. Yet, the air felt somehow heavy and sticky at the …



       walking across those big, endless parking lots one can only find in Americas suburban world of strip malls and plazas …


können diese Augen lügen?

having children brings me sometimes to places which I have not ever imagined in my wildest dreams. This times around the location …


the dry cleaner

it was on one of those sunny New England summer mornings – a morning of beautiful clean, sunshine filled air which made …


in the jungle

This pohotograph hopefully captured how it felt during this Sundays BBQ session – I certainly had the impression of being in some …