a perfect summer day


a wheat field in late August
Captured during a walk at the great union canal in Stony Stratford – a perfect day in summer

a perfect late summer day at the union canal could not be described much better than with this picture – this is how I feel at least.

the photograph stirs up memories that I am very fond of. There is my childhood, growing up in the countryside, strolling through the fields in the midst of the summer. I felt the heat, I smelled the heat and I actually heard the heat. And loved it all. This also reminds me of the time I lived in Massachusetts. Not that we had those wide wheat fields out there – but certainly the heat. And nothing put a ever a bigger smile on my face than the screaming sound of the so called ‘heat bugs’, which I could here in late summer on the golf course. Their close relatives lived where I grew up…


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