a walk in lowell

this is a photographic summary of a somewhat random sunday afternoon in Lowell, Mass.The story below did NOT happen to me – I found a printout in a gallery:

A man with New Hampshire plates almost ran me over in a cross walk. I had to jump out of the way. When I did he honked and flipped me off. His fault, I get the bird. Naturally.

When I finally crossed the street this guy had pulled an illegal u turn and then threw a donut at me. I picked up the donut and threw it back. It went into his sun roof. Lucky throw? No, I have tremendous accuracy.

He pulled another u turn and threw the donut again and it hit a woman in a wheelchair.She then flipped him off and took a bite out of the donut.

Full circle.

I love Lowell. You cannot see this shit anywhere else. It’s lie Twin Peaks for crackheads, artists and college students. I was all mad at at the time but then I broke out into laughterwhen the woman ate the donut. She made my day.

Dee Tension.


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