about me

contact: Markus@photonopticum.com

img_1429-2photography is an interest that has been fading in and out of my life from the early childhood days. It took until the dawn of digital photography when suddenly many puzzle pieces fell into place.

with digital photography, my photographic journey truly started. Photography became accessible and approachable In a way I fully understood. I enjoy every aspect of it. having a camera in my hand makes me happy. Looking at something and listening to how it speaks to me and what it has to say is a great feeling. Understanding it all may happen in that very moment I see something, or it may happen much later, in the darkroom. Sometimes I photograph something which I thought I understand, but what it all means comes to much later. Sometimes I like to experiment and see what happens. It all depends.

the dark room in the age of digital photography could not be any better as it is today. And this seems to be a timeless statement as tools and workflows are evolving continously. I enjoy late night dark room sessions, working on a recently photographed image or looking through old images, looking for what speaks to me that night, working on honing it. Like a sculpture is released from a piece of rock, marble or wood.

these days I like shooting with both, my trusted DSLR as well as with my mobile phone. Both make see and approach my environment differently and with a different outcome in mind. As the outcome of each of the different cameras is different on a technical level, so it is different on an emotional level.

photography is a roller coaster trip for my brains: why do I photograph and what do I photograph? And –  how do I photograph it?

I like to take the simple things of this world, which most people walk past without a second thought, out of context. I want to show you another view of the world. A world that you may not have noticed before.