airlift memorial

Spending my last weekend in Frankfurt/Main in Germany, I had the opportunity to see the Airlift Memorial (Luftbrückendenkmal) right behind the runway of Frankfurt Airport.
My friend whom I visited took me first to the Zeppelin museum in Zeppelinheim, a truly interesting place showcasing an exhibition from the grand old days of early aviation. Unlike other museums, this place is not very photogenic, however, it was well worth the visit.

Not far from the museum is a little walkway leading right behind the runway of Frankfurt Airport. And – if you ever want to see photographers equipped with all sorts of cameras, from a basic superzoom up to a souped up 20 billion megapixel DSLR with lenses as large as my leg, this is the place to go.

After watching the landing and take off of a few planes, we were heading towards the memorial, which is located not far from this viewing spot.
Unfortunately we missed the better light while we spent time in the museum – by the time we arrived, the light was rather bland with a beautiful washed out white sky.

Two old planes are at the memorial, a Douglas DC3/C47 and a Junkers JU52/3m, which did their duty in post war Germany in 1948 to provide food and supplies to cut off West Berlin.

I was mainly fascinated by the Douglas DC3. But any attempt to portrait this plane in large failed due to the washed out sky (which would have rendered anything else in the picture as a black silhouette) and lack of my imagination.

So I stuck with close ups of this plane. And, I must admit, I am fairly happy with them. They do show the hard times these planes went through during their time of duty – and of course a little bit of weathering effects during their extended time of parking outside without being used.

I also started my little side project, I have in mind now for quite some time: A long time ago I found this little furry guy on a photo tour. Ever since I want to photograph him at the various locations, wherever my photo trips might bring me. This was indeed a good start of this project…..


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