baden airpark

baden airpark hangar in fog

My short weekend trip to Karlsruhe, Germany started at 3.30 AM Local Time with the alarm clock going off. Out of bed, a quick coffee breakfast and off I went to London Stansted Airport to catch my 7.00 AM flight to Baden Airpark. Although tiresome, a wonderful weekend lay ahead of me.
The early flight to Baden Airpark rewarded me with a terrific sunrise somewhere over Belgium followed by an approach to Baden Airport with a simply stunning view of the Black Forest submerged in a mix of sunshine and rivers of the early morning fog. Shamefully I had my camera in my hand luggage – it would have taken too long to get it out. So I decided to capture those views with my iPhone – see my Flickr Phone-Photostream for this view.

It endet up being a wonderfully calm and relaxing weekend – just how it started….


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