royal academy of arts

  a quite impressive sculpture in the courtyard of the royal academy of arts in London, UK.

british museum

a visit to the British Museum always gives me good bumps when walking into the entrance hall. And I always photograph this …

phone lines

I am finally getting around organizing my images I captured over the last two years with my phone. It is quite exciting …


as the weather is rather mediocre, project library clean up continues. This almost abstract black and white photo of some rocks/pebbles at …

Office building

the office

milton keynes is a “new city” – planned and built for purpose back in the 1960’s, and it continues to be built …

lines and curves

the curves of a shopping mall

dropping of the girls for a shopping afternoon in London freed me up to venture out with my camera. I didn’t even …

A must have photo of the Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower Silhouette, Paris, France
cleaning the plaza at the eiffel tower


It does not happen very often that when I am on a city break I get the early morning 6 o’clock photographs …

a climbing thing on a playground
a sea saw on a playground
a sea saw seat on a playground

lines & texture

all the photographs were taken on a playground around the corner from where I live. I just played around with the camera …

black and white of frost covered leafs

frosty leafs

When stepping out this morning with my first cup of coffee, a perfect frost wonderland scenery unfolded itself on this cold January …

baden airpark hangar in fog

baden airpark

My short weekend trip to Karlsruhe, Germany started at 3.30 AM Local Time with the alarm clock going off. Out of bed, …

Statue of Liberty, Black and White

miss liberty

the annual visit of manhattan island was a good ritual. Each time I was in the city, I always payed my honours …

a very cool punk

at least he’s cool

it really cost me 1 (one) GBP to take this photo. Well, at least he is cool….  


at rocket park in Stony Stratford.

x-shaped grave stone BW

x marks always the spot

I hit he perfect light on an old cemetery in Oxford, UK. Famous people surounded me – and the X marked the …