logan in fog

    a late afternoon when a strange haze covered logan airport….

big k

    the abandoned Kmart in Milford, Mass….

little man

   photographed at Heathrow airport, Terminal 5. 

movie theatre

light and shadows at the movie theatre in Westborough, Mass. This just caught my eye on my way to a Saturday afternoon …

impressions of troy, ny

after visiting a colleague and friend in upstate new york, I chose to stop by in troy on my way back for …

a walk in lowell

this is a photographic summary of a somewhat random sunday afternoon in Lowell, Mass.The story below did NOT happen to me – …

super 8

i am not exactly sure, what this piece of art, this monument or simply, this thing in Milton Keynes means. My six …


This is a photo taken spontaneously on the way to the movies. At one of my favourite locations-at the back of the …

parish church

another look at my favourite neighbourhood church – the parish church of old Wolverton. This photograph was taken in January 2014 during …


  photographed near Campbel park in Milton Keynes as part of my MK Central portrait series.

the movies

after a longer break, I am back on capturing the beauty of Milton Keynes central. This shows the frame of the (still …

blue line

photographed in Boston, Mass in January 2009.

royal academy of arts

  a quite impressive sculpture in the courtyard of the royal academy of arts in London, UK.