london eye

the london eye photographed from the south bank.

public alley Boston, Mass

the alley

the public alley in Boston, Mass. just one of those places.

graffiti painted door in London

club door

It happened to be in London, on a sunny Saturday afternoon: We were picked up by a friend at the Brixton Underground …

Chinatown, Boston

no parking

captured during the first return trip to Boston, Mass. No parking in Chinatown.  

it's all about optics


  it’s sometimes all about the optics…

wall, staircase, pole


this little red pole just struck me sitting where it was…  

500 Boylston street

fog |

a wet and cold January morning, on a not so nice trip back to Boston.  

the monument in fog


an early morning in the Boston Common. The steam from the T-tunnel gave this scene an almost eery look…    

living space

cramped housing, photographed at the west side of Manhattan Island.

Manhattan Skyscraper

slim cut

a very slim cut on Manhattan Island.  

apple store, NYC


captured at the Apple Store, 5th Avenue, New York City. I went of photographing during this brilliant trip with my drear friend …

Statue of Liberty

USA Today

This photo was captured during the Bush Jr. years. This truly expresses how I felt living in the States in those days. …

the prudential tower boston


a good thing I checked the sky this very moment.