corn on the cob

corn on the cob

   there are  two kinds of corn on the cob which I truly like: the ones on the BBQ during the summer …

glorious morning

glorious morning

     this was photographed on my way to work. What a wonderful autumn morning with the sun shining on th  trees …

the mood of autumn

the mood of autumn

an excellent weekend in fall comes to an end: pumpkin carving, pumpkin pie and freshly baked bread. All topped off with a …

autumn sun

autumn sun

   The sun shining through the leafs behind the house. What a good day to be outside….

mystic forest

It was one of those picture perfect summer Sundays in New England. Yet, the air felt somehow heavy and sticky at the …

in the jungle

This pohotograph hopefully captured how it felt during this Sundays BBQ session – I certainly had the impression of being in some …

a glimpse of sunlight

  this was photographed on a gorgeous summer morning at my current home – the tree house in Mendon, Ma.

winter is coming

photographed in Woburn, UK, this photo reminded me strongly of the tree in “Games of Thrones” – and the thought of winter …

old wolverton

this photo is captured in Old Wolverton during the “great flood” in the Ouse Valley Park.


finding Lydia – Part III walking down the stairs from the bridge crossing the grand union canal near Wolverton, I saw that …


finding Lydia – Part II on this crisp autumn morning, I was standing on the bridge, crossing the Grand Union Canal near …

the canal

finding Lydia – Part I taken at the Grand Union Canal, near Wolverton. It was a crisp morning.

the flood

the river ouse in stony stratford is over the banks (January 2014). This is the second time I have seen every field …