a little phoneography for a change as I am in – you guessed it: photo library cleanup mode again. I really this …


visiting this monument gave me goose bumps. Very big goose bumps indeed. These are the most amazing pieces of stone I have …

A gerba flower

welcome autumn

This closeup of a gerba was photographed utilising my ‘indirect light kitchen studio’. The sun was shining beautifully from the back through …

a wheat field in late August

a perfect summer day

  a perfect late summer day at the union canal could not be described much better than with this picture – this …

flower in high contrast with sun

space flower

I love this time of year. The sun is bright, shadows are harsh (if the sun ever shines on this island) – …

black and white of frost covered leafs

frosty leafs

When stepping out this morning with my first cup of coffee, a perfect frost wonderland scenery unfolded itself on this cold January …

a tree photographed in late summer

august tree

landscape in late August in Germany, photographed near the Mosel valley at the end of the harvest. Yellow fields, burnt grass – …

A tree with sun,


a famous tree (famous to me) in Irmenach, Germany.  

Passenham Mill, UK

passenham mill

walking from Stony Stratoford to Passehnam, passing the Passenham Mill. There is something to be said about the British Countryside…  

shrubs in the morning fog

september fog

the rewards of getting out for early morning walks and taking the camera with you: on the way from Stony Stratford to …

tree in morning mist

morning walk

an early morning stroll to the Parish Church in Old Wolverton in autumn rewarded me with this magnificant vista. I personally count …

Black Mountains, Wales

the black mountains

view over the black mountains, looking north from the summit of sugar loaf mountain, Wales.  

wild horses in a valley

the valley

descending Sugar Loaf Mountain in Wales we spotted these wild horses grazing peacefully. This is one lovely hike I recommend….