winter! fun?

it happens to be just past mid March and I was traveling in the mid Atlantic/Philadelphia area this past week. Most certainly …


    this view and mood reminded me of the capital wasteland in fallout 3…


  I spotted this rusty dump truck in Framingham, Massachusetts behind a garage on Rt. 135. This was a place full of …

flower pots

these flower pots were discovered on one of my latest early summer strolls through the back alleys of Stony Stratford.

the junk yard

today is photo library cleanup day again. And, as quite often, I find some hidden treasures – such as this photograph from a …

The Capital Wasteland in Milton Keynes

superduper mart

this photo was taken in February 2013 in Milton Keynes. However, the scene struck me a long while earlier. Although I was …

the front of a rusty Ford
1970's Chevrolet Emblem
A gas tank lid from an old chevy

rusty cars

sneaking around abandoned and rough areas, which is one of my most favourite things to do rewards me sometimes with some pretty …

humpty dumpty?
Toy with Douglas DC3
door of a douglas DC3

airlift memorial

Spending my last weekend in Frankfurt/Main in Germany, I had the opportunity to see the Airlift Memorial (Luftbrückendenkmal) right behind the runway …

wall, staircase, pole


this little red pole just struck me sitting where it was…  

old factory-industrial building

industry, 1950

captured during a photoshoot with Ian in Ware, Massachusetts.  

a plastic hand model

nail studio

I am not sure, whether or not this nail studio is still in business – as so many other things we have …

the ford

the ford

out in Ware, Massachusetts – an old, rusty Ford parking under some hedges.

a gas tank lid of an old chevy

gas tank

a gas tank of an old, rusty Chevy. Captured in Framingham, Massachusetts off Rt. 136.  

1970's Chevrolet Emblem


the old Chevrolet emblem, captured in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.