club door

graffiti painted door in London

It happened to be in London, on a sunny Saturday afternoon: We were picked up by a friend at the Brixton Underground Station – with her car. Yes, those suburban Londonians (or, Londoners) own and drive their cars. Much to my surprise though, but then again: someone has to drive all those cars around creating the constant traffic in London.We were on our way to a Trini (West-Indian) takeaway place – and my mind was already heavily involved with my Curry-Goat Roti to be. Did you ever have one of those? If not, you really (I mean REALLY) should try one…. But, back to the story.
She parked across the street from a Lounge type bar. It looked like a really chill place indeed. A large stone arch embedded in the brick wall spanning parts of the building hosted the entrance door to the Lounge. This gave the outside of the bar a rather rough look – and made it even more interesting. The side or service entrance was next to the main door – and also here was a stone arch running across the door.On the side door I saw this wonderful portrait painting. It really suited the neighbourhood very well and was yet another factor, what made the lounge appear to be an interesting place.I tried to frame this shot including the stone arch. But no matter what I did, it did not work quite right. So I decided to go with the straight photograph of a painted… abstract portrait.


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