coors light & barmen pilsener

Black and white photo Smokestack of the Coors brewery, mountain panorama

several weeks prior to my arrival in Golden, Colorado in the greater Denver area, I was told that while staying there I had to try a German style beer beer called Barmen Pilsener. Brewed by Coors. As Coors is not known to me for their well flavored beers, I was not quite sure what to make of this…. This highly praised brew is, according to my tipster, apparently only served in the region but not by all pubs or bars. Luckily I got a sure-fire tip on where to find it which happened to be my hotel bar. Splendid. it did not take too long after arrival before I found myself in this midwestern wood cabin style establishment serving Mexican inspired food waiting for a German style beer. Welcome to America. The anticipation grew during the seven minute poor and I was rewarded with a not only perfectly looking but great smelling and even better tasting beer. It tasted like home. I was impressed and did quite a bit of double sampling to verify that this was it a fluke.

Coincidentally my way to my appointment the next morning lead me along a road with a great vista of the mountains and some of the smoke stacks of the doors brewery. And i was fortunate enough to have almost perfect light when I took this photograph. Not only did I gain a high level of respect of the Coors brewery, but I now I also understand their product label better….

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