die krähen vom karlsruher schloss

Old, bare tree with black crows

when visiting Karlsruhe in Germany just recently, I payed the park a visit just to end up in the castle’s tower (Karlsruher Schlossturm). Not only did I learn quite a bit about the city’s history but was also rewarded with this Hitchcock style tree populated with crows. Love it. Although I did not feel particularly inspired that morning when leaving the house I still took my trusted DSLR with me. Well, I am glad I did and am guilty of not doing so enough – even if the camera was a pain factor most of that morning. But as much as I appreciated photography with the phone, it is simply not my real camera that I feel inspired behind. Or even in control. But that is a another story for another day. For today I am happy with my Hitchcock Raven Tree….

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