fast paced photographic stab at europe

  i,pressions of downtown Wexford  
  locals playing irish folk at the undertaker pub in Wexford, Ireland  
black and white photograph of the end of a cargo train  black and white photograph of a  locomotive looking like an old D-Zug  
black and white picture of a smoking area sign at a train station  black and white photo of Frankfurt high rise buildings driving by in a train  
photographing the landscape from a train, boack and white photo  half round building near heidelberg train station, black and white photograph  
Heidelberg train station  tourist photograph across the neckar in Heidelberg  
tourist photograph of the old bridge in Heidelberg  tourist photograph of the Heidelberg Castle  
underpass with leading lights at night  at the board reatauraurant of the ICE train  
street impressions from Göttingen  the famous statue in Göttingen  
black and white photograph of a hotel sign at night  Messeturm in Hannover, black and white photograph  
dunkin donuts in germany  Frankfurt main train station entrance  
construction near the train station in Franknfurt  view from the DB lounge at Frankfurt train station  
   This photo gallery shows images which where captured during a recent trip, going from London, UK to Wexford in Ireland, to Munich, Heidelberg, Gōttingen, Hannover and Frankfurt in Germany. As this was a fast paced, six day journey filled with appointments during the day and a bit of leisure time in the evening, I experimented and simply attempted to document and capture the spur of the moment. More often than not I had a suitcase next to me and my colleague waiting impatiently while I captured a shot. As the often seen tourist type “rush-n-go” photography is not my preferred style, it was a good practise on getting simple spontaneity and fun back into my photography. Don’t overthink, photograph what you feel when you feel it and pay a little bit of attention to composition. 

I am quite pleased with the outcome of the photos as a trip documentary. And, the more often I go out shooting with my phone and do these type of things the more I am getting back in the mood of going our with my DSLR. Goal achieved…..

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