frosty leafs

black and white of frost covered leafs
frosty leafs in the back yard

When stepping out this morning with my first cup of coffee, a perfect frost wonderland scenery unfolded itself on this cold January morning. The leafs (yes, in England there are some leafs still about in the midsts of winter) had a perfect frost rim around them. And with the sun shining and a few patches of fog floating on the ground gave the scenery an almost fairy-tale like appearance.
I realised that it was a bit too late in the morning to run out with the camera to capture this beauty – the sun would have soon melted all the magic away. Nevertheless, I had enough time to capture some leafs with their frosty surroundings before it was too late….
Maybe I should stop wandering the realms of Skyrim until late Saturday nights and get out in the mornings again shooting. I have kind of neglected this in the recent weeks….


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