inside the balloon

color photograph of the inside of a hot air balloon

the annual hot air balloon festival in Hudson, MA promised to be a photographic feast. Well, it all started very promising, as more than a dozen balloon teams showed up (maybe that is not that much, however, it was my first balloon even, so I thought it is quite a few). But, as it is with balloon driving, the excitement and anticipation is high when the balloons are being inflated, the weather did not cooperate. It was too overcast on the first day, so hot air balloons could not take off. These where non-instrument guided balloons, so apparently they need full visibility. On the second morning, when the overcast cleared and the sun broke through, the wind picked up, just too much to prevent takeoff yet again. Oh well, it was fun and I got a few good shots in. And learned quite a bit about ballooning….

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