jesus loves fashion

Jesus loves fashion

the level of meaninglessness and sense of commerce that is carrying throughout the christmas season nowerdays is simply mind boggling. I mean, I don’t want to sit here with the moral pointing finger or bicker about how things were better when we all had to walk to school during snow storms five miles up the hill, both ways and how thins were better back then. But seeing how christmas is turning into a big money pit, a “Fressfest” of sorts divested of all, if not religious but at least cultural meaning or background is a bit saddening to me. But to each their own – and I will close my door tomorrow evening and won’t open it to the world until the second of January and enjoy the best time of the year in peace. That is symbolically spoken though. Because I might have to refill the wine supplies. Bigoted, isn’t it?

On that note: Merry Christmas…..

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