new york city again

view from the Empire State Building

after many years of absence I finally managed to get away for a two day trip to NYC again. As always, I had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed the vibe of the city.

I will never forget my very first weekend on Manhattan Island, many years ago, on a hot, early summer weekend in June, and the way I felt when I stepped outside of our $25 hostel off Times Square on the first morning. The feeling of sheer energy of the city hit me in the face back then. It is an unforgettable feeling.  There have been many trips back ever since, each time feels great, unique and yet familiar. However, it is never quite like the first time. But, one location I pay a visit to ever since that first weekend is the top of the Empire State building. Even from up here, over the years, the view has changed and of course the feeling looking over the city has changed. It became more familiar over the years. Nevertheless, I always soak in the view. Each and every time.

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