NYC | Boston – seriously not street photography

Finally – countless hours of reorganising photo libraries in the process of moving from iPhoto to Aperture 3 revealed enough photo material to finish off a little project which I had in mind for a while.

The photo slideshow “NYC | Boston – seriously not street photography” shows photos taken during several weekend trips to New York City and to Boston. Although I used to live close to Boston, Massachusetts, when I was walking the streets there equipped with a camera it has always been more of a trip rather than a “hopping into the city” – for the better or the worse.
The eclectic mix of photos shown in this slideshow shows a few touristy sights, like the Statue of Liberty, some photos of streets (which are despite being taken in larger cities curiously free of human beings) and quite a few simple, straight lined building photos. I think this shows my photographic style quite well – I do have a hard time photographing people and am a big fan of fairly simple lines.
A few hours later the slideshow was produced and than I just had to overcome the hurdle of implementing it into my website. And – when you see this show the first time and it is displayed on my front page with some flaws (shadowbox not working properly due to a fast amount of implemented javascript) I realise, that it is time to leave the desk and get out shooting again…..

Just in case the youtube video does not work (in case they did not like my choice of music) the photo slideshow of NYC | Boston can be found here.

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