our little street in autumn

New England suburbia in Indian summer fall foliage colors, Hudson MA

fall is simply one of the best seasons in New England. It is, if nothing else, very photogenic. It is almost as like the seasons are giving us a last bit of peace before the harshness of winter is kicking in. Hm, makes me think, there might be a reason why it is called “Indian Summer” after all.

The photo above is a snapshot of our street where we have moved to earlier this year. It is indeed a great little neighborhood, with very friendly and open people living there – in this day and age one appreciates such things more than ever. To not not distract: as I mentioned in one of my recent post, all those live changes distracted me from any sort of “photographic activity”. Taking out the camera and going places was not on the forefront of my mind.

Well, on this particular occasion I just came back from the hardware store with all the bits required to set up a fire pit in the back yard. Entering our street this scene presented itself – so, of course, I had to stop the car, take out the phone and grab the shot.

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