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a stone statue of a gnomw


It is not certain, what this back yard in South Boston was all about – it was full of figurines and statues …

500 Boylston street

fog |

a wet and cold January morning, on a not so nice trip back to Boston.  

plastic Jesus

personal Jesus

spotted in the South End, Boston, Massachusetts. Why does this guy immediately remind me of Jesus? Jesus did not have a hammer, …

the monument in fog


an early morning in the Boston Common. The steam from the T-tunnel gave this scene an almost eery look…    

View of the village of Beuren


a boxing day walk across the fields in Beuren/Irmenach in Germamny.  

god is a dj

I discovered this great video on youtube. It is the short movie Spin from¬†Double Edge Films. The storyline is told by a …

Lighthouse in Portland, Maine

portland headlight

shortly after visiting the “nubble” lighthouse, I dragged Ian along to go with me to Maine one Sunday afternoon… what a marvellous …

Cape Neddick, Maine

nubble lighthouse

this shot is taken at sunset. I tried to get the best exposure with my camera mounted on my tripod – than …

old factory-industrial building

industry, 1950

captured during a photoshoot with Ian in Ware, Massachusetts.  

a plastic hand model

nail studio

I am not sure, whether or not this nail studio is still in business – as so many other things we have …

Ware, Massachusetts

out west

out west with Ian in Ware, Massachusetts.  

the ford

the ford

out in Ware, Massachusetts – an old, rusty Ford parking under some hedges.

church & big guns

peace be with you

every day I drive by this church – and the canon – on my way to work. What better time but Christmas …

a gas tank lid of an old chevy

gas tank

a gas tank of an old, rusty Chevy. Captured in Framingham, Massachusetts off Rt. 136.  

1970's Chevrolet Emblem


the old Chevrolet emblem, captured in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.