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the cranberry bog

as it was going to be an amazing day in October at 18C and sunshine, I decided to head out to visit …

photograph of desolated area of Milton Keynes

back side

photographed in Milton Keynes UK, this image shows the back side of the MK hub. The hub is a centre for going …

piano man

over the summer these pianos, now scattered across downtown Hudson, MA, wherye painted in bright colors. They are found in public places …

painting of a out of control dinner table


photographed in the Worcester museum of Art – how can you walk past this elaborate out-of-control dinner party.

blue children slide closeup


just one of those things that caught my eye… randomly.

the tree in the meadow

the tree in the meadow

this tree was photographed in early September in the Ouse Valley Park in Stony Stratford. I happened to be on photo safari. …

color photograph of the inside of a hot air balloon

inside the balloon

the annual hot air balloon festival in Hudson, MA promised to be a photographic feast. Well, it all started very promising, as …


inspirational quotes are nice on one side. On the other side, ever since we get them slapped into our face on a …


these rather interesting roots were photographed on a Sunday morning stroll through Callahan state park in early summer. It was one of …

the hallway

no matter how grand the hotel name is, the hallway always looks very…. hotel-hallway-ish.



this photograph was conceived over a Sunday morning cup of coffee while reading the news, based on the input of the world …

the carnival

the carnival

   I am not sure how to feel about this one – the annual April carnival in Milford, MA, the town I …

april  snow

april  snow

   well, I thought I was done for the season with these winter photographs. This was captured on a Sunday afternoon walk …



this photograph shows part of the fassades of the Stata Center, or Building 32, on the the MIT campus. A place where …