painting the tunnel

on a relatively gloomy Monday morning in early August (gloomy even for England), I took the train down from a Milton Keynes to London and explored some sites which I had not visited before. At some point during the later afternoon I found myself in Greenwich, very close to Cutty Sark, at the entrance of the Thames foot tunnel – a tunnel that runs for the length of a few hundred yards underneath the river Thames connecting Greenwich and the isle of dogs i outer London. The tunnel itself is not as photogenic as I’d hoped for. It’s all a bit to clean cut and well groomed – there was no dinginess involved. The good news is that it didn’t smell at all as I expected from a long underpass like this…. anyhow, I was very glad that I met this follow painting the spiral staircase down to the tunnel, which made the 30 minute or so ride on the tube from central London well worth the time….

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