Stonehenge, July 2013

visiting this monument gave me goose bumps. Very big goose bumps indeed. These are the most amazing pieces of stone I have ever laid eye on.

Despite the flocks of tourists, the location offers plenty of great photo opportunities without including the crowds in you photographs – if that is your intention. Also, this is one of the most photogenic subjects I have seen. When walking around it, the looks and patterns of the stone arrangements change with every single step, each of them worthy to attempting to be photographed.

When visiting, we lucked out with the weather, and the mid afternoon sun provided some surprisingly pleasing lighting.

The location opens at 9.00am and closes at 7.00pm in the summer. So, I wonder how to arrange for shooting in early morning or late evening hours. Do you get arrested for sneaking on the grounds after opening hours? To be found out. During the day anyways there is plenty opportunity for great photographs – setting up a tripod would have been possible, which would enable you to go for some long exposure shots. These could look quite dramatic with moving clouds, as we had today (I don’t have a big stopper filter as of yet, otherwise I would have gone for it).

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