color photograph of the inside of a hot air balloon

inside the balloon

the annual hot air balloon festival in Hudson, MA promised to be a photographic feast. Well, it all started very promising, as …

row boats on the charles 

row boats on the charles 

   I’m not exactly sure what possessed me to out out with my camera me on probably the coldest morning of the …

small snow hills

frozen whipped cream

as #snowzilla turned out being just a snowy Saturday afternoon here in Massachusetts (despite all the stories of the weather folks on …



   I can’t believe that I walked this past weekend into this building decorated like a house in Skyrim. That made me …

corn on the cob

corn on the cob

   there are  two kinds of corn on the cob which I truly like: the ones on the BBQ during the summer …

irish door

irish door

   this yellow, old wooden door was captured roaming the streets of Wexord, Ireland.

wood palette

it’s quite amazing what one can make of a wooden palette given enough creativity. Seen in Milford, MA.

9/11 memorial

coming home from a day trip I saw an ocean of purple flags in front of the city hall of Marlboro. I …


  this pristine set of stairs in the wom (worcester art museum) caught my eye…

up and down

Stairs and shadows at the skate park in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

structures in sand

from a relaxing walk while letting my thoughts just flow at Hampton Beach, NH

a glimpse of sunlight

  this was photographed on a gorgeous summer morning at my current home – the tree house in Mendon, Ma.

flower pots

these flower pots were discovered on one of my latest early summer strolls through the back alleys of Stony Stratford.

wind tunnel

  detail shot of a Douglas DC3. This DC3 is located at the airlift memorial (Luftbrückendenkmal) near Frankfurt Airport…