at madame tussauds in London, Summer 2013. He has never been my favourite character – however, E.T. is certainly an icon.  


a little phoneography for a change as I am in – you guessed it: photo library cleanup mode again. I really this …

preparations II

  as the big day approaches, ideas are running wild and the preparation sessions becoming more intense. After the tea-cup candle project, …


  he lives in Stony Stratford. Really. I have seen him there. But, how deep did he fall, collecting money?  

royal academy of arts

  a quite impressive sculpture in the courtyard of the royal academy of arts in London, UK.


sometimes crazy ideas take shape faster than you imagine. In the best of British weather her, we spent the last weekend on …

phone lines

I am finally getting around organizing my images I captured over the last two years with my phone. It is quite exciting …


as the weather is rather mediocre, project library clean up continues. This almost abstract black and white photo of some rocks/pebbles at …

the junk yard

today is photo library cleanup day again. And, as quite often, I find some hidden treasures – such as this photograph from a …

cup cakes

happy 5th birthday

time flies. not only for us grown-ups, but also for the little ones – also they certainly perceive this time thing very …

old english lock

a while ago my colleague Ian and I talked about some photo project we should do together, and decided, since we live …

A gerba flower

welcome autumn

This closeup of a gerba was photographed utilising my ‘indirect light kitchen studio’. The sun was shining beautifully from the back through …

a mannequin in a closed shop

smiling man

photographed in Boston, Massachusetts. He is part of the inventory of a smoke shop.  

flower in high contrast with sun

space flower

I love this time of year. The sun is bright, shadows are harsh (if the sun ever shines on this island) – …

the front of a rusty Ford
1970's Chevrolet Emblem
A gas tank lid from an old chevy

rusty cars

sneaking around abandoned and rough areas, which is one of my most favourite things to do rewards me sometimes with some pretty …