humpty dumpty?
Toy with Douglas DC3
door of a douglas DC3

airlift memorial

Spending my last weekend in Frankfurt/Main in Germany, I had the opportunity to see the Airlift Memorial (Luftbrückendenkmal) right behind the runway …

a climbing thing on a playground
a sea saw on a playground
a sea saw seat on a playground

lines & texture

all the photographs were taken on a playground around the corner from where I live. I just played around with the camera …

photographs of two symmetrical air vents

air vent

two air vents in perfect symmetry. I found this photo while strolling around in the Boston downtown area.  

Salt and pepper closeup

salt’n pepper

  This foggy and overcast January morning was inspiration enough to set up my kitchen photo studio again to experiment a bit more with …

melting ice cube


this is a second shot of my low key photo session – an ice cube melting slowly away. Just right for my …

black and white of frost covered leafs

frosty leafs

When stepping out this morning with my first cup of coffee, a perfect frost wonderland scenery unfolded itself on this cold January …

Apple iPad 2 billboard

the world’s end

Does Apple’s iPad really threaten our culture? I spotted this billboard of Apple’s iPad 2 recently walking the streets of Camden. It …

sea saw

sea saw

one of our favourites at rocket part in Stony Stratford

x-shaped grave stone BW

x marks always the spot

I hit he perfect light on an old cemetery in Oxford, UK. Famous people surounded me – and the X marked the …

Graffiti at the iron trunk reservoir


at the pump station of the Iron Trunk Aqueduct in Wolverton, UK.  

graffiti painted door in London

club door

It happened to be in London, on a sunny Saturday afternoon: We were picked up by a friend at the Brixton Underground …

embossed cross on stone grave

the grave

photographed in Oxford, UK. The old cemeteries in Oxford are worth a visit for photographing… well, dead things.  

a stone angel sucking his/her dress

childish angel

photographed in South Boston. Why do angels have the desire to always suck on something, preferably their garment?  

a stone statue showing an sort of angel


photographed in South Boston, Massachusetts. This statue is, on first sight, clearly trying to show an angel. However, I have my doubts. …