our little street in autumn

our little street in autumn

fall is simply one of the best seasons in New England. It is, if nothing else, very photogenic. It is almost as …

blue children slide closeup


just one of those things that caught my eye… randomly.


inspirational quotes are nice on one side. On the other side, ever since we get them slapped into our face on a …

the hallway

no matter how grand the hotel name is, the hallway always looks very…. hotel-hallway-ish.



  a simple still life, found in Framingham, MA

irish door

irish door

   this yellow, old wooden door was captured roaming the streets of Wexord, Ireland.

wood palette

it’s quite amazing what one can make of a wooden palette given enough creativity. Seen in Milford, MA.

m m

bicycle holders are a rare sight at the east coast of the US – one can find them however more often at …

the lamp post

the lamp post

   Strolling along the river walk in Spokane, WA on this gorgeous sunny September day, I found quite a few gems like …



   This photograph of four trees in a row was taken during a quick break from one of those corporate business dinners. …

houses of parliament

   having a fantastic afternoon in London with my wife, we where walking along southbank, when the darkening evening sky opened up …

fast paced photographic stab at europe


mystic forest

It was one of those picture perfect summer Sundays in New England. Yet, the air felt somehow heavy and sticky at the …


       walking across those big, endless parking lots one can only find in Americas suburban world of strip malls and plazas …