gateway to the west

the st. louis arch, the gateway to the west, is with its height of 192m quite an impressive sight. Standing in front …

pristine…out of touch

   a perfect saturday afternoon in June in the suburbs. Pristine houses and lawns. Clean cars. And not a single human being …


    this view and mood reminded me of the capital wasteland in fallout 3…

logan in fog

    a late afternoon when a strange haze covered logan airport….

big k

    the abandoned Kmart in Milford, Mass….

little man

   photographed at Heathrow airport, Terminal 5. 

up and down

Stairs and shadows at the skate park in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

race frog

   a frog on a motorcycle. Who would have thought such a thing exists…. In Whitinsville, Massachusetts.

little buddha

   a friendly little bugger, in the flower pot at the entry of the San Francisco Gallery in Northborough, Massachusetts…


   this bench offers the exhausted shopper the rest they deserve while waiting for the elevator. Photographed at Solomon Pond Mal in …


   this stone bench is tucked nicely away from the usual hussle at hampton beach, new hampshire.

movie theatre

light and shadows at the movie theatre in Westborough, Mass. This just caught my eye on my way to a Saturday afternoon …