the beacon

during my recent trip to the U.K. I stayed for a few days in a hotel near my old stomping ground. The …


This photograph was made in Milton Keynes as part of my MK project. The appeal of the 19somewhat 70’s or 80’s architecture …

super 8

i am not exactly sure, what this piece of art, this monument or simply, this thing in Milton Keynes means. My six …


  photographed near Campbel park in Milton Keynes as part of my MK Central portrait series.

the movies

after a longer break, I am back on capturing the beauty of Milton Keynes central. This shows the frame of the (still …

dual carriageway

  milton keynes, photo tour in early spring 2013. I am not even sure, how this scene makes me feel.  

the hub

  this is it – the centre of excitement of Milton Keynes. The all famous “The Hub”… fun.


milton keynes turned 25 – a long time ago, when these type of structures where hip.

a faceless city


this photograph describes the new city of Milton Keynes just perfect. Some splashes of meaningless colour scattered around the drab, square and …


continuing my photo tour through Milton Keynes, one of the “new cities”. The more I’m getting into photographing this place, the more …

the plaza

the grand place in front of Milton Keynes Central train station…

the car park

a classic view to be found in Milton Keynes, UK, photographed during my MK photo project

tamed grass

another very characteristic sight of Milton-Keynes, UK

The Capital Wasteland in Milton Keynes

superduper mart

this photo was taken in February 2013 in Milton Keynes. However, the scene struck me a long while earlier. Although I was …

Office building

the office

milton keynes is a “new city” – planned and built for purpose back in the 1960’s, and it continues to be built …