jesus loves fashion

the level of meaninglessness and sense of commerce that is carrying throughout the christmas season nowerdays is simply mind boggling. I mean, …



  a simple still life, found in Framingham, MA

x-shaped grave stone BW

x marks always the spot

I hit he perfect light on an old cemetery in Oxford, UK. Famous people surounded me – and the X marked the …

embossed cross on stone grave

the grave

photographed in Oxford, UK. The old cemeteries in Oxford are worth a visit for photographing… well, dead things.  

stone sculpture in south Boston


photographed in South Boston.  

a silver Jesus on the cross

silver Jesus

photographed in the South End, Boston, Massachusetts.  

stone statue in front of roses

st. mary

This statue was found in a back yard in Boston, Massachusetts.  

plastic Jesus

personal Jesus

spotted in the South End, Boston, Massachusetts. Why does this guy immediately remind me of Jesus? Jesus did not have a hammer, …