the beach

when I was on the Cape (Cape Cod, MA) on this Memorial Day weekend many years ago, I did not think of …


  I spotted this rusty dump truck in Framingham, Massachusetts behind a garage on Rt. 135. This was a place full of …

the junk yard

today is photo library cleanup day again. And, as quite often, I find some hidden treasures – such as this photograph from a …

the front of a rusty Ford
1970's Chevrolet Emblem
A gas tank lid from an old chevy

rusty cars

sneaking around abandoned and rough areas, which is one of my most favourite things to do rewards me sometimes with some pretty …

billboards at times square
sailboat on the hudson river
battery park NYC

nyc collection

I have been working through older photos of Boston and New York City… with these ones showing my NYC collection. It has …

Statue of Liberty, Black and White

miss liberty

the annual visit of manhattan island was a good ritual. Each time I was in the city, I always payed my honours …

church & big guns

peace be with you

every day I drive by this church – and the canon – on my way to work. What better time but Christmas …

a gas tank lid of an old chevy

gas tank

a gas tank of an old, rusty Chevy. Captured in Framingham, Massachusetts off Rt. 136.  

1970's Chevrolet Emblem


the old Chevrolet emblem, captured in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

tree on Kettle Brook Golf Course


fall in New England, in Paxton, Massachusetts on Kettle Brook Golf Course  

a tree in indian summer peak

indian summer

this is indian summer. captured in Paxton, Massachusetts.  

dead flower with rusty silos


photo shoot in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.  

church at sunset in Concord

sunset in Concord

sunset in Concord, Massachusetts. Photographed from the old cemetery.