the boy and the monk

the boy and the monk

  being out for chopping a Christmas tree, I found this stone statue of the monk holding a baby boy lurking between …

super 8

i am not exactly sure, what this piece of art, this monument or simply, this thing in Milton Keynes means. My six …


at madame tussauds in London, Summer 2013. He has never been my favourite character – however, E.T. is certainly an icon.  

captain america

    how can you not like him? he is a bit chubbier than I thought though….  


milton keynes turned 25 – a long time ago, when these type of structures where hip.

a mannequin in a closed shop

smiling man

photographed in Boston, Massachusetts. He is part of the inventory of a smoke shop.  

Statue of Liberty, Black and White

miss liberty

the annual visit of manhattan island was a good ritual. Each time I was in the city, I always payed my honours …

a stone angel sucking his/her dress

childish angel

photographed in South Boston. Why do angels have the desire to always suck on something, preferably their garment?  

a stone statue showing an sort of angel


photographed in South Boston, Massachusetts. This statue is, on first sight, clearly trying to show an angel. However, I have my doubts. …

stone statue carrying a jug

water carrier

again – photographed in South Boston, Massachusetts.  

stone sculpture in south Boston


photographed in South Boston.  

a silver Jesus on the cross

silver Jesus

photographed in the South End, Boston, Massachusetts.  

stone statue in front of roses

st. mary

This statue was found in a back yard in Boston, Massachusetts.  

a stone statue of a gnomw


It is not certain, what this back yard in South Boston was all about – it was full of figurines and statues …

plastic Jesus

personal Jesus

spotted in the South End, Boston, Massachusetts. Why does this guy immediately remind me of Jesus? Jesus did not have a hammer, …

Statue of Liberty

USA Today

This photo was captured during the Bush Jr. years. This truly expresses how I felt living in the States in those days. …