from the moment I first set foot into the desert many years ago I fell in love with it. There is heat, …

staircase II

staircase II

sometimes the most simple things trigger my visual attention. Sometimes I think it is just like with an empty can of soda …

vending machine

I have noticed this view of the vending machine on the other side a view times now when traveling through terminal 5 …

houses of parliament

   having a fantastic afternoon in London with my wife, we where walking along southbank, when the darkening evening sky opened up …

fast paced photographic stab at europe


the other autumn

late autumn in England can show itself in a variety of colours. In this case, it’s green.


visiting this monument gave me goose bumps. Very big goose bumps indeed. These are the most amazing pieces of stone I have …

the harbour of Calais, France
famous English white cliffs
Ferry in with white cliff back drop

crossing the channel

Finally crossing the English Channel in descent light conditions…. Having crossed the English channel now multiple times and always being let down …

cleaning the plaza at the eiffel tower

eiffel tower cleaner

the lonesome cleaner of the trocadero, captured during a photo session at 6.00 am on our trip to paris in spring 2012. …

A must have photo of the Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower Silhouette, Paris, France
cleaning the plaza at the eiffel tower


It does not happen very often that when I am on a city break I get the early morning 6 o’clock photographs …

humpty dumpty?
Toy with Douglas DC3
door of a douglas DC3

airlift memorial

Spending my last weekend in Frankfurt/Main in Germany, I had the opportunity to see the Airlift Memorial (Luftbrückendenkmal) right behind the runway …

billboards at times square
sailboat on the hudson river
battery park NYC

nyc collection

I have been working through older photos of Boston and New York City… with these ones showing my NYC collection. It has …

baden airpark hangar in fog

baden airpark

My short weekend trip to Karlsruhe, Germany started at 3.30 AM Local Time with the alarm clock going off. Out of bed, …

Statue of Liberty, Black and White

miss liberty

the annual visit of manhattan island was a good ritual. Each time I was in the city, I always payed my honours …

Black Mountains, Wales

the black mountains

view over the black mountains, looking north from the summit of sugar loaf mountain, Wales.  

wild horses in a valley

the valley

descending Sugar Loaf Mountain in Wales we spotted these wild horses grazing peacefully. This is one lovely hike I recommend….