Sugar Loaf Mountain, Wales

sugar loaf mountain

photographed during ascending the sugar loaf mountain. This is not a very busy area during the rainy season…  

a wild horse in Wales

wild horses

captured during a hike to Sugarloaf Mountain in Wales.  

a mountain sheep

mountain sheep

captured on the summit of Sugar Loaf Mountain, Wales. This poor mountain sheep seems to be slightly distressed by the hawk circling …

Chinatown, Boston

no parking

captured during the first return trip to Boston, Mass. No parking in Chinatown.  

Lighthouse in Portland, Maine

portland headlight

shortly after visiting the “nubble” lighthouse, I dragged Ian along to go with me to Maine one Sunday afternoon… what a marvellous …

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

sandy beach

this memorial weekend started kinda’ slow. On Satturday however I grabbed my camera and headed towards Cape Cod. And I had a …

Manhattan Skyscraper

slim cut

a very slim cut on Manhattan Island.  

Rochester, NY state

on the road to buffalo

photographed in Rochester, New York on a road trip to Buffalo. I shall not forget this trip. Ever.  

chase building, rochester, new york


in Rochester, upstate New York on the road to Buffalo

Rochester, New York State

chase building

the chase building in Rochester, upstate New York. Captured during a pit stop on our Memorial Day road trip to Buffalo…