the printservice is down

* Edit July 21st 2013 – the print service is back. Thank you Fotomoto!! **

as of recently, Fotomoto, my excellent provider for fulfilling print orders has temporarily shut down. Well, hopefully temporarily.

I was quite happy with them over the last few years. Orders have been fulfilled swiftly and the print quality was excellent.

Earlier this year, Fotomoto was purchased from – apparently with money on the books which was not backed by any pysical means of payment. The situation for livebooks escalated, livebooks has been purchase by another third party and the faith of Fotomoto is up in the air.

I certainly hope for the best.

Here are some links for the interest to read up on – and any photographer hosting images with livebooks should be very warned and start packing up.

livebooks in trouble

Fotomoto pulled down by lifebooks

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